Best of…

So… At last, here it is!

I started this back in June, and forgot about it, but, now its here. Check it out!

BEST OF… 3 YEARS OLD vol1 from James Cranston on Vimeo.

Music by Electric Wizard – Barbarian… Fuck yeah!

its been a while so please ignore any sloppy editing mistakes 🙂


Out of Season: Norton


A trip to Norton skatepark on a chilly December Monday afternoon…


Normally full of scooter kids, this time full of ice. And quite damp, but it dried up a bit, some skating went down, it was bloody cold!

Out of Season: Norton from James Cranston on Vimeo.

Winter is coming… Part 1

So winter’s well and truly on its way now i guess. Went for a little roll yesterday and had me camera with me to grab some photos and footage. Photos below, footage to follow soon…

tris took a while bit got it nailed in the end

Kai smithing up high

jasper did what he does best