Erm, not been doing much skate wise since buggering my MCL last August but I’m feeling confident on a board again now to go for a skate and do some filming too. Met up with Jake, went for a skate, here is what went down I guess…

3×10 from James Cranston on Vimeo.


Banana Peel Cruising


Got me new cruiser for filming on, nice soft wheels, wide based board, smooth ride, mmmm, yes, no more rattling when filming lines… he is a little edit from down GP in Bath on Monday night. Enjoy.

Banana Peel Cruising from James Cranston on Vimeo.

Oh yeah… Before we started filming I took this photo… Ha…


So, im 2 days old

yeah so im two days old now, i guess i better put something else up on here hey?

that above is some skating i filmed at parks in 2011, its on my vimeo channel

it was filmed with a canon 550D with either the f1.4 50mm lens or the 8mm f3.5 samyang fisheye lens

also, have a look at my mates blog: skateboardskateboard