Banana Peel Cruising


Got me new cruiser for filming on, nice soft wheels, wide based board, smooth ride, mmmm, yes, no more rattling when filming lines… he is a little edit from down GP in Bath on Monday night. Enjoy.

Banana Peel Cruising from James Cranston on Vimeo.

Oh yeah… Before we started filming I took this photo… Ha…


So, im 2 days old

yeah so im two days old now, i guess i better put something else up on here hey?

that above is some skating i filmed at parks in 2011, its on my vimeo channel

it was filmed with a canon 550D with either the f1.4 50mm lens or the 8mm f3.5 samyang fisheye lens

also, have a look at my mates blog: skateboardskateboard