Joe Sloan Strikes Again

So me and Joe met up for a couple of days skating, when it fucking rained… so in normal fashion we found something to skate the first day in bath, then i went over to bristol to skate the m32 spot with joe for the afternoon the next day when it was still a bit wet… here is an edit…

RAINY_DAZE – Computer.m4v from James Cranston on Vimeo.


Old School…

So yeah, Steve, Johnny, Sarge and I skate on the regs coz we is cool and shit, yeah… Shame Johns ankle was playing up, he was getting some styley full cabs into the bank. Check the pop on Steves’ switch shuv in the edit and have a look at the pics!

Steve – Switch Shuv

Steve – Shifty Ollie

Sarge – Ollie North

Check edit.