A Little Edit…

Just some footage from the previous day and some from last year that I thought I’d lost…


A Little Edit… from James Cranston on Vimeo.



Avenue Skate Co. who sponsor Kai Ohlsen and Tristan Buckland has some new threads out for 2013. Check out their BigCartel site for the full line up.



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Kranblog – The Lost Footage

Some footage, 99% of which I haven’t used before, from August through to last weekend that I thought I’d lost but found in folder by accident after giving up all hope of ever finding it again. Here it is, enjoy…

Kranblog – The Lost Footage from James Cranston on Vimeo.

Winter is coming… Part 1

So winter’s well and truly on its way now i guess. Went for a little roll yesterday and had me camera with me to grab some photos and footage. Photos below, footage to follow soon…

tris took a while bit got it nailed in the end

Kai smithing up high

jasper did what he does best

Ride… The best of Kranblog so far…

So… ive been having trouble with kidney stones again the last few weeks and its been bad this week, sat at home with nothing to do but watch dvds and think of skating (between trips to hospital and the docs and shit).

I started this the other night and finished it today, originally it was going to be to one track, now its to two tracks, there was more footage, but i had to be frugal and thought ill pick what i like seeing.

anyway, enjoy the ‘cinematic’ experience that is Ride…

Ride – The Best Of Kranblog Vol 1 & 2 from James Cranston on Vimeo.

Some Street Ish

Yeah, some street footage for your eyes… and some pics too.

some street ish – Computer from James Cranston on Vimeo.

ps. forgot to mention it in the credits and being lazy at the moment but One L gets a bit in on one of the street ish from tris.

tristans action shot

off the thin wall…

peekaboo whitlock see’s you!

Schoolyard Skating…

The past couple of months we been hitting some schools, were gonna sit on this footage but been discussing ideas and somethings coming up so thought put this out as a little edit, well two little edits, i ended up playing about with the black and white and stuff out of boredom mainly but check them both out and comment on which one is best or something.

Schools Short Edit from James (KRANBLOG) Cranston on Vimeo.

Schools Short Edit ver 2 from James (KRANBLOG) Cranston on Vimeo.

when filming at St Martins one evening I got a very dark photo of jack that after a little manipulation made him look like the devil…

and tris laid down after hurting his bum…

so yes… comment and let me know which edit you prefer… PEACE!