Food Porn

So…. I had a barbecue at the weekend… here is some food porn…

Smoking done with a grilling/smoking plank, maple wood, soaked in old rosie cider for two hours, ribs done with a rub of my own blend, burgers from the butcher near me in bath, pork and apple, bananas wrapped in bacon, covered in maple syrup and give a dip in a salt and dried chilli flake mix then grilled until crispy, cook ribs in foil on the charcoal for half an hour then remove and grill as normal for succulent pork with a nice crust or glaze with a sticky glaze

Long Live Southbank

I went to London last week a couple of times, on one occasion i got to go have a morning skate at Southbank and was glad to see it hadn’t bee suddenly covertly boarded up. This has been a fear of the locals (with some staging vigils at one point) since word of the redevelopment plans came about.


However the guys behind the campaign have managed to win their bid to Lambeth Council to have it listed as an “asset of community value”, meaning the local council have to take that into consideration when considering planning but also gives the campaigners the right and opportunity to purchase the site should it come up for sale.


One other thing I was told about was a plan to have it “village green” listed, meaning it would be preserved from future development, but from what I understand the maintenance and upkeep of the area would fall upon those who used it. This would be ideal however seeing as all the locals really care about the spot that could honestly be hailed as one of if not THE birthplace(‘s) of British skateboarding.


A Southbank spokeswoman is quoted in lasted Wed’s Evening Standard as saying they still “want to move the skatepark” so the campaign could still face some tough challenges, with this in mind head on over to the Long Live Southbank website and sign the petition, buy a t-shirt and show some support to help SAVE SOUTHBANK.


Here are some other pics I took…

IMG_1749 IMG_1738 IMG_1737 IMG_1746 IMG_1745

F-F-F-Future Echoes?

So i recently ran across an article that stated robot footballers could defeat the worlds best by 2050 in a real life match.

Not at this size…

Hmmm… says I… what if there were robotic skateboarders… would they be able to beat the worlds best? No,I dont think so… Skating still requires more than logic and a bit of technical ability… humans for life and such.

This guy looks like he could do a McTwist…?

pics from the woods back home…

so yeah, i did a recce for a music video im working on back near peterborough in december, here are some of the pics of shit that i found, or took a photo of…

like jurassic park... :D

like jurassic park… 😀

you know when the shadow on your curtain looks like something, well this is a stain...

you know when the shadow on your curtain looks like something, well this is a stain…

evidence of poachers

evidence of poachers



right by the main path

right by the main path



fox got a pheasant!

fox got a pheasant!