Avenue Skate Co. who sponsor Kai Ohlsen and Tristan Buckland has some new threads out for 2013. Check out their BigCartel site for the full line up.



Click here for the Avenue BigCartel site or add them on facebook HERE!


Steve has some new items out, have a check of it all, some dope items there. Bong High!


The Smoking Club is back with a few new t-shirts just in time for xmas.
You will be able to buy them in-store at Detour Skate Store in Bath or online at detourskatestore.co.uk early next week.
…Or if you know me then just call me up…
Stock is VERY LIMITED and i’ve sold a couple already so don’t miss out !!!

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My Top Dozen Favourite Skaters…

this is in no particular order

Scott Bourne i think is sick as fook. raw style, pure skater! nuff said!

Jay Adams just original, thats it, he changed skating… for the better! and in a proper punk way.

Gershon Mosely if im honest, when i was a little grom i didnt know much about skating, but i had seen gershon on a mates older brothers skate vid from 91 and thought he was sick. now this was 97/98 and basically he had just got better. this linked clip is from 95ish, lots of lines, and he busts some of the best melons in my opinion, on flat or trans.

Vaughn Baker im from the uk, if you are too and skate you should know vaughns name and how sick he is. dope style, pure british skater and all terrain shredder. i had the pleasure of meeting him for a brief second in oz on holiday in the late 90s at bondi and seeing him skate the mini that was there, popping massive big pop shuvs to fakie, i was amazed… then i nearly drowned whilst surfing… not so amazing, but i would have died happy having witnessed vaughn skating.

Woody the same goes for woody as for vaughn above, if your from the uk theres no reason you shouldnt know him. Manchester gasworks ollie… all that needs to be said for certain people. plus i think hes a definite candidate for a bionic limb when they finally roll them out for use by humans, i read once hes broken his wrist and scaphoid on his left arm more times than rainy days in manchester…

Ricky Oyola this guy is up there with scott bourne in my books for the rawest street skater ever. just youtube him and watch… SICK!

Jamie Thomas nothing to say here, just enjoy and enjoy and get inspired to go skate big, i dare you not to!

Geoff Rowley gets to hang round with rock stars, kills it on a board, pushes the limits to the max, gnar as fuck and punched lizard king…

Lizard King just an all round beast who loves getting blazed and drunk and skating and yeah man, sickness… and the epicly later’d vice did on him is wicked. and he got punched by rowley…

Jason Lee i can just imagine skating with him was fun, from skating to acting to running a skate company, jason lee is the man. also he has dope tre’s.

Alex Moul sick british skater, and inventor of the willy grind! need i say anything else?

Louie Barletta if you know me and how i skate, you’ll understand my love of louies skating… im not gonna say more or ill think of other stuff, but footplant finger flips are where its at in street skating! plus he seems like a right weirdo, which is good and always has some wicked tunes on his parts. he inspires me to be creative in my skating more so than i normally am.


Coming this summer, a new clothing company, OBJECT. Taking influence for the first series of prints from geometric patterns and symmetry OBJECT hopes to bring some fresh patterns.

Heres a sneak peak at some of the designs so far, these aren’t final mind.

Pattern 1

large all over print

small print over black rectangle with logo

logo print design

large band print, black logo