A post, about girls, not women, girls…

So yeah, its been a little while since i last posted something on here, theres a little video coming soon to mark the end of the summer as we knew it, it is gone, autumn is here, I’ve gone back to the beanie and 5 layers each day to stave off the cold and the girls have lost their allure as they wrap up in more and more clothes. Well most of them…

fit, but i wouldn’t go near here because of the pout

1: these girls who dress in winter in skimpy clothing need their heads looking at (almost as bad as boys in shorts in december), skinny little waif like things with no leggings on, a short flappy skirt and flat shoes and stroppy top/thin as fuck blouse… just makes me cringe.

2: shut up, please… I’m not interested in hearing the inane bullshit that comes from your mouth, i don’t care how much your dress cost, or where you’re going to go when you leave home, or how drunk your friend got at the weekend. lets have a conversation about something meaningful like the proposed oil drilling in the arctic circle and how its being stopped by greenpeace and their friends, lets talk about something intelligent like why cameron is an arse, or at least lets talk about something that interests me a little bit as otherwise I’m going to go insane in your presence and hack the limbs from you and every other girl dressed exactly the same as you in the pub with a stool leg. It may sound painful but not as painful as listening to you go on about your new blouse.

3: stop thinking you’re it. You’re not. Full stop.

4: grow up. Im not attracted to girls, I’m attracted to women, I’m meeting some very cool women all the time, normally form friendships, occasionally it goes further. But its not going to work unless there is some form of maturity there. Im not some fresher at uni, you don’t need to impress me by silly antics, impress me with your wit and charm and intelligence. Do it like a woman (to change a quote by a lesbian…)

part of whats wrong with society, a bloke, with a fake tan, some stupid hair and a pretty boy attitude, makes a real man want to puke/fight him to the death

5: this isn’t just about ‘girls’ its also about ‘boys’. or more importantly LADS. you’re all cunts. I was being a lad at 14, when being a lad is acceptable, at 18/19/20 whatever age, i feel you all should be acting a little more grown up, and less full of it, i swear, each time i see a bunch of idiots walking down the road in fancy dress (most of what they wear looks like fancy dress most of the time) i just want to smash all your teeth out with a lump hammer and watch you shout LAD at the top of your voices then.

So yes, rant over. Girls, loose the pouts, the stupid pale make up that makes it look like you have no lips, grow some eyebrows and pluck em you lazy bints and most of all… be women, please, its much more attractive. Boys, stop being lads, be blokes, be men, have some respect for yourselves and stop trying to look like one direction. i saw a man blatantly in his 30s the other day, dressed like a 14 year old kid, hair like a douchebag, his mother should have drowned him at birth.

Have a good day guys and remember, i say this part in jest, part in all seriousness. Im not referring to anyone i know, well maybe a few, but i like you, i take you as you are, its the ones i don’t like, who give the front of… ah this is all bullshit anyway. its a rant. PEACE!


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