Boredom (The Return)

so I’m sat here at work in the office, waiting for something to render and wondering what to do. Do i go out into the fields near the office with the camera and film some wildlife and do a time lapse? Do i sit here bored as fuck? Do i look as skateboarding videos and wish i could skate like emmanuel guzman? i don’t know.

all i know is i want to get out right now, go smoke a fatty in the sun with an ice cold beer and some good mates and have a skate and a chill and a dip in a river, come out, get a kiss from a fitty before taking her on a night out, then a night in… 😉


skateboarding, beers, blunts, stunts and bitches. yeah. but my life isn’t that exciting right now, because like i said, I’m stuck in the office. I’m off to film some gorse pods popping and cows milling around and other nature kind of stuff. PEACE.


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