Its been a little while since i posted something on here now i guess, not as long as some times but longer than others. Been busy with work and moving house etc, etc you know, living and loving, well less of the loving than i would like, and mostly its self loving, but hey, we all gotta live how we can hey.


So, the previous weekend was a washout and a half to be honest. But sunday was dry enough for Steve, Kris and myself to go and skate a nice school playground for a wee bit. Johnny P came down after a while and entice me with his bottle of beer to bust out my spare can, gave me the get up and go to get a line film, to also film steve doing a tasty little line too. Hopefully they may come up online soon. Kris got some footage but i think it may be being sat on until the future makes it self clear…




So anyway, some thoughts:


UN sanctioned action against the syrian government would be a good idea in my books.

Apple seem to monopolising the smart phone and tablet market but this will soon change if what I’ve been reading recently is true.

That tennis things going on, england didn’t get through the football, but who cares about that bollocks.

I have 2 hours left at work… what to do when I’ve done everything for the time being…?


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