My Top Eleven Films From My Childhood.

My top eleven favourite films from my childhood/teens


1 The Goonies – great adventure film, captures the imagination of any child, i mean who wouldn’t want to be a goonie and look for a pirates hoard of treasure, get chased by bad guys and save their neighbourhood

2 Gremlins – strange choice, but its one of those films where the gore is so fake to be almost cartoonish and im glad my parents didn’t stop me watching it

3 Flight of the Navigator – an amazing film, a great introduction to sci fi for young kids in the 80s, time travel, space travel, weird aliens, some kind of paradox. If you havent seen this then i think your life is extremely lacking in something important.

4 E.T. – nothing needs to be said here other than et calls to something in everyone, whether you call it your inner child or not.

5 Biodome – when i saw this in my early teens, i may have been 12 infact, it blew me away with the humour, paulie shaw at his peak, steven baldwin in probably his best role, trying to impress two fit chicks then getting serious on the issue they get involved with and growing up in the process and still getting the girls. what better role model could a kid need?

6 Krull – fantasy epic, before LOTR or any others like that, this underrated 80’s gem is quality, i remember a sense of great sadness and shedding a few tears when the cyclops gave his life for the main characters, great joy at the end but also being scared shitless by the magician with black eyes.

7 BIG – i always wished, each birthday, to become an adult, i couldn’t wait to grow up, im glad it took longer than it did though. one of tom hanks best roles, and i think it may have helped form my opinions on what i find sexy in a woman

8 Tank Girl – again, this helped form what i find attractive in women, lori petti in this film is hot as fuck, but so is jet girl, both ends of the spectrum i guess. well filmed and great comic book adaptation that i think is overlooked in the recent slew of comic book films.

9 The Great Outdoors – i used to love john candy films, im surprised i didn’t put more in this list, these aren’t in any particular order if im honest. but this combined him with dan ackroyd, a great comic pairing if ever there was one. a film that looked at family holidays where two families get together, which happened a lot in my childhood with all the family friends my parents had, and this film always made me wish for one of these kind of family holidays, still do infect, when i get married and have kids im going to make sure we take a trip like this, vie got the mates to make this inadvertently happen for sure.

10 Ghostbusters – ah, what needs to be said here? ray and peter and ego and winston and yes. also sigourny weaver in this also shaped my perceptions of beautiful women.

11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – again, like ghostbusters what more needs to be said? both films, with cartoons, toys, computer games. Turtles rocked. Cowabunga!




3 responses to “My Top Eleven Films From My Childhood.

  1. I loved “Explorers” with River Phoenix and “Stand By Me”. How about “Lost Boys”? It looks like you and I grew up in the same era. By the way, those baddies from Krull would always give me the creeps when they died:)

    • stand by me i didnt find until i was well into my teens, though it is a great film and in my top ten all time favourites as it reminds me of my childhood, maybe if i had found it it would have shaped my life more.
      im about 30 now so these are the ones that came to mind when i thought about this.
      lost boys also i found in my teens but for some reason i was allowed to watch films like predator and T2 when i was about 7 or 8 though. Robocop could have gone on here but again, more of an adult film, and ive got ideas for another post later in the week dealing with 80’s action films

  2. Goonies is the best movie in the world ever….ever. i must have watched it like 200 times, i’ve even watched it twice back to back (on more than one occasion) just cause i enjoyed it so much the first time. Labyrinth is also one of my favorites cause it has midgets and David Bowie. I don’t like vampire movies but Lost Boys should also be on the list… ohh and Gleaming The Cube cause it’s about a skateboarder and has some rad skating in it, although Christian Slater is a bit of a douche… and last but by no means least (in fact my no.2 of all time) would be The Breakfast Club.

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