Graff and a Cat…

So, i had the weekend off work and on saturday went skating, but im gonna sit on that footage for the time being. On sunday though i woke up after a nice lay in and went into the garden for a ciggy to find the neighbours kitten there. its gotta be about 12 weeks old as its fairly big, but by is it funny at times. im not much of a cat person myself but this ones ok by me because its funny. it gets stuck up trees, got stuck in another neighbours vegetable netting, meows constantly at birds. im beginning to think it may consider itself a dog.

anyway when i got bored of laughing at it stuck in the tree (by the way i believe it needs to learn to get down on its own initiative…) i went for a wander upto a tunnel in st werburghs that many graff artists will know. there was a day down there on saturday afternoon and i went down to see the new pieces that were put up.

after that i had a little stroll through the city farm and allotments. lamb anyone?

anyway, there are some photos below to document it all. its some photos of some GRAFF AND A CAT… and some farm animals!

ps for some reason the uploader failed on me, wil upload the rest later on, also wordpress image upload editor is shite, need to format and crop some of these in photoshop… but still until then, enjoy 🙂


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