Music..? or a discussion about the use of the German language in poetic verse?

[warning, some of the videos below may disturb you]

Occasionally ill do a post about music…

This is one…

First, I think I see where some people have come from with hip hop influencing people to be bad and the portrayal of violence, especially in Germany. Now there is some alright German hip hop, but like an article I read about german comedy mentioned, its not a language built for use in poems, or fancy wordplay. I think a lot of german hip hop highlights this fact. Its unfortunate really. Anyway, I digress. I read an article online, i wish i could find it, that said that there was an increase in gang related war fare in german housing estates and apartment blocks. Now like most countries, they are built as low cost, affordable housing, and so the poorest people move into them and so on and so on, we know where this goes, we see it here in England in the council estates and tower blocks. However, you cant blame the music as i have heard of german groups that do the whole positive vibe thing, but they dont go down as well as the hardcore gangsta types, who do live upto the image. One guy King Blade, actually scares me a little bit… Physically he is quite big and yeah, ill admit, id have to fight very dirty and be very lucky to survive a tangle with him, but its not that, its more the ethos behind his lyrics, they way his videos portray him and the way he projects himself. I actually wondered if he was for real, look at this video and see what I mean…

Then there are these guys, 9mm Gang. Same kind of video format and same kind of lyrical ethos, blah blah blah, but it confirmed that King Blade has to be for real. Here is one of their videos…

then again, i came across this guy, Fifty Sven, obviously a comedy character, wearing a cloth tattoo sleeve, his plasters rearranging them selves in each cut. He kind of made me sit up and think about not just german hip hop, but german comedy too, maybe their language is evolving with the introduction of westernised slang into something that could be used in witty wordplay, poems and to wax lyrical.
Here is Fifty Sven…

ps, im not a german speaker, but i can make out the gist of the songs, and even Fifty Svens one had me laughing at times.

Anyway, away from the Germans and onto the Icelandics, Icelandish, Icelanders? Bah, who cares, really (unless you’re from iceland and read this, in which case, please let me know how you refer to yourselves)? Anyway, clicking through related videos a while ago from stuff like NoCa$h and Madball, I came across a band called I Adapt. Wicked Icelandic hardcore, all that needs to be said, check them out! I just wish hardcore was universally accepted coz these guys could have gone big… (that is the opinion of this writer, your opinion on this matter does not matter to me unfortunately)

Now i really like hardcore music, its always appealed to me, going to hardcore gigs in the late ninties, early 00’s round Peterborough and Cambs, the gigs were wicked. Especially HHH (not the fucking wrestler thankyou), no the HHH, a band from the boro, who literally tore it up, i still have one of their albums, on cd and also copied onto my comp and listen to it regularly. Like i said, i really like hardcore. Anyway, they split up a few years back now, but last year they got back together for a re-union tour. Here is Pitbull, from a gig in P’boro at the Crown on Lincoln Road. Apparantly from their last ever gig, wish id known and been able to make it. Find them on Facefuck.

Also came across a band, Embraced by Hatred, doing a cover of a band i love, which made me check out more of their music, below are a couple of their vids, and they are a bit like Madball, always good. The first is a Life Of Agony cover, the second is original…

anyway, peace out for now…


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