Sunday Review. (two days late dammit)

These are some pics from the other day… steve over atskateboardskateboard has some more, plus a little edit of the day on his site.

Joe and I made our way over to Bath and got there to meet up with Kai and Jimmy before linking with the other guys after they had been into deepest darkest Twerton. We got to one spot i had found, a sweet ten set for those that way inclined and found it was not really all that skateable any more due to a gate, so we went to somewhere else. Then we had some fun at this place. Whether it was ollieing green benches, finding roof gaps, attempting the stairs, or what ever. Let your eyes consume…

The Stairs!!!

Kris Flipping

Freds Evil Face?

The Running Man.

Ed got bored and practiced escaping from the cops...

Kai's Amazing Sequence!

Try as he might, Kai couldn't get the half-cab heels, this was just before the jaguars arrived...

Yes Mum!

I don't know what Kai was saying on the phone, but I imagined it was this above.

Skate Gang!

The Bath Crew! Candid shot of the lads.

It was good to head over and see them all, have a skate and stuff. Bristol edition coming soon!


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