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14th Jan 2011 – 


This is my new blog where I will give critiques of a nature only I’m apparently capable of, I’m going to apologize in advance if anything I write now or in the future offends you but I can’t help how I feel sometimes after watching TV, especially some of the tosh they put out on air these days, if I see Louie Walsh dancing about being all showbiz or Piers Morgans’ smug, self-satisfied, ‘I’ve just shat my nappy but I know my nanny will always be there to change it’ face I’ll blow a fuse and start lopping limbs off people in a night club in frustration, hoping to be locked away in a padded room with no visual stimulus for the rest of my life to SAVE my sanity. 
However I’m addicted to TV, and I’m constantly watching television and then forgetting what I’ve just watched. I won’t lie, I watch a few episodes online or whole series on DVD, especially when I have missed a show that’s been on and would like to see what it was like. This was how I got into The Wire, an amazingly intricate piece of TV that has already had its praises sung enough in the media. Also The Walking Dead, another great piece of TV I’m not sure has even come out here in the UK yet but I found at a certain site online and was instantly hooked, I couldn’t stop watching.
This is where the problem with this kind of online viewing comes in, there’s only one answer for it, globalization of the TV industry. Now I’m anti globalisation, I think bringing back regional channels in the UK is a great idea, but to stop piracy of television and to a lesser degree film, all programs should come out in all countries at the same time, it would mean probably only three or maybe four major players in the industry, FOX and BBC are already there with massive world presences, CNN would probably deliver news and then lets say Dragon TV (I think it’s called that, ill Google it…yes it is called that, part of the Shanghai Media Group, so I guess it would be them) who take over the role of providing news and entertainment to the east but also the west. Murdoch would probably find some way to get in there somewhere though, sneaking in like some kind of weasel up the trousers of a smelly old man in your local pub.
This would provide a two-way flow of entertainment between the east and the west with all other networks becoming independent producers (I pray HBO would take this route and continue making great television) but also it would destroy cultural identity I feel. The constant bombardment of television and surefire increase in the number of channels would produce yet ever more crap to make us bleed our brains out with, stuff like, well stuff like what I watched last night that I can’t remember, which is my whole point, TV is un-memorable to a degree, occasionally the odd bit of light shines through, illuminating the way for others to follow. Come on you TV execs, pick up your heels and follow suite, don’t be lazy creating un-memorable drivel.
Next time maybe ill prattle on about how Kerry Katona shouldn’t be on our screens, ever, ever, again after the quote in the promo for her current show where she quips “Of course there’ll be more drama, I’ll be back, I’m Kerry Katona!” or more likely how ITV and its associated channels are turning into Heat Magazine but in a broadcast-able format.


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