An Unhealthy Obsession With A Fat Ginger Bloke

im finding myself seriously liking the tunes from one action bronson yo.

dope flow, sick beats, and also the eastbound and down (starring the bad ass douche we all love danny mcbride) connection too.POW! on a related note there, ive just found out theres a new season of EB&D coming soon, skateboardskateboard will like that i bet… POW! too many pows? fuggit… back to the bronsolini…

its just proper hip hop i guess. standing out in these days of crap from the likes of 50 cent etc. well to be honest i aint seen or heard much from any of those ferret fucking weak mc’s you used to hear on commercial radio here in the uk. the only weak shit ive heard in the last few months has come from the mouth of rick ross and drake. shit, what are they on about, slurring autotuned berkshire hunts…

heres some more action for your eyes to help chill you out if you clicked on that drake link…


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